I Nikki has been playing piano and fiddle since she was knee high to a grasshopper and in her early years she excelled in country music and folk dance tunes.  Throughout her teens she continued her studies but concentrated more on the classical field and she now has a degree in music and professional practice from Coventry university and now teaches fiddle and music theory professionally.  During her career she has performed as a soloist, in duos, in bands and more recently in the highly acclaimed Bardi orchestra.  She has travelled extensively around the world teaming up with musicians in India, Japan ,America and Canada.

I Steve didn't start playing  guitar until he left school at 17 but since then it has hardly ever left his side.  He formed and performed in several rock bands in the 70's and then moved back to his roots on bass and vocals  playing folk music and the blues. He writes in a variety of styles and has produced around 15 exceptional albums.  He is a really powerful and sensitive singer and songwriter. Towards the end of the 90's he teamed up with his daughter Nikki and together they have gained a great reputation for their driving and rocking delivery of both Celtic and Appalachian music.   

I Dale is an accomplished multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and singer. He has played in several bands including ‘Knitter’s Jig’ ceilidh band, ‘Cernewoda’ folk band and ‘We Can Be Astronauts’ rock band.  When playing with Malarkey he usually plays a chromatic (button) accordion and acoustic guitar.  The accordion adds depth to the sound of any traditional music and can really give a lift to Scottish or continental tunes. Dale is also an excellent guitarist - both electric and acoustic - and has written several songs as well as a number of instrumentals.

I Kenny is the band’s regular caller. He has many years experience of calling with numerous bands and will ensure everyone has a really great time.  All the dances will be easy and quick for your guests to learn but have been chosen because they are just great fun to do.  When time allows he will add his skills as a piano accordionist to give a little extra sparkle to the sound.