Do Participants Need to Wear Anything Special?

As long as they wear 'sensible' shoes (no high heels) just about anything goes. Remember however, that you will be dancing, so loose casual clothing might be more comfortable - particularly when you start to warm up.

What Type of Music is Played?

The majority of the music  played is based on English, Scottish and Irish folk tunes, with a bit of American and French thrown in for good measure - whatever fits with the dances.  

Will a Ceilidh Work Well with a Disco?

This is where there can be difficulties.  Having a Ceilidh and a Disco in one evening sounds

How Much Does a Band Charge?

The cost will depend on which band you chose, the date and times, the type of event, location, venue and number of people attending. Please contact us for a firm quote.

Can We Make a Provisional Booking?

Yes, of course.  If you are happy with the band and the quote but would prefer a little more time before committing yourself, we can make a provisional booking for you until you've made up your mind - but please confirm as soon as possible.  Meanwhile, if the band is offered another booking for the same day, you will usually be given first option but we would of course want an immediate



like a good idea as it should cater for all tastes. However, if the evening is to work well, it is very important that the Ceilidh takes place during the first half of the evening, and the Disco takes over after the Ceilidh has finished.  Ceilidhs do not work well following, or sandwiched between, a disco.

Remember also that you will need separate areas for the disco and the band so that both can get set up and packed away without disturbing the other.

How Long Will the Ceilidh Last?

Most bands offer performances  of between 1 and 3.5 hours with breaks as appropriate but  we are always happy to discuss your particular requirements.


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